IPF Resources

IPF Carebook – Free! 

In the pockets of the binder:

  • Information about IPF
  • Oxygen information
  • Support Group information
  • What are PFT’s?
  • LV-IPF Information Booklet
  • PA Advance Health Care Directive

Tabs for your Pulmonology, Pulmonary Rehab or any other information that you gather through your appointments.

  • My Diagnosis
  • My Contacts
  • My Medications
  • My Questions for Clinics
  • My PFT’s (Pulmonary Function Tests)
  • My CT’s Scans/X-rays
  • My Medications
  • My Notes & Handouts
  • My Insurances
  • My Legal Documents
  • My Research Projects
  • A folder to store any extraneous paperwork
  • Insert to place business cards
  • Insert to place photographs of your family/friends. Your support network.

To receive a binder: Simply email me and I’ll gather your info and send one your way! 

These binders help patients and their families more easily navigate this serious lung disease.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the IPF Carebook  I’m always open to feedback and suggestions. You can use the binder as you wish and what works best for you.

(last updated 10.11.11; 11.05.2014; 3.25.2015; 1.23.17)